Whats Next?

Blog Update #20 It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these, a little over 2 months which doesn’t sound long but always feels like an eternity. I’ve got a new job at… Read more “Whats Next?”

Locked Down

Blog Update #16 Last update wasn’t so positive but was honest and the post before that was extremely positive and also honest, this post finds me at a happy equilibrium. For the past 6 weeks… Read more “Locked Down”

Finding Answers

Blog Update #9 It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster the past few weeks, so many emotions & feelings; excitement, disappointment, anxiety, depression, happiness, lots of thinking going on, maybe too much? Hang tight this… Read more “Finding Answers”

Blog Update #3

October the 12th, 2019. To be 100% honest I’m exhausted, it’s taking me an hour and 1-2 cups of coffee to feel some form of energy. I’m getting 7-8 hours sleep most nights the most… Read more “Blog Update #3”

Blog Update #2

September the 27th, 2019. Six days post my first ultra marathon and I’m still feeling it. Sore feet, knees, hips and even traps not to mention the constant fatigue. On September the 21st I competed… Read more “Blog Update #2”