“Start running, run some more, then some more, then you crash, dig deep, Run Some more, Then you finish. That’s an ultra. Ultramarathons teach you that perceived limits are just that, PERCEIVED”



2021 Season

2022 Season

MY Ultra-running Journey

September 2019 I made my ultra-running debut by finishing the Surf Coast Century 100km. Before that I’d never ran further than 20km, had no idea trail-running existed and believed the Surf Coast Century to be one of the only races in Australia that was further than the marathon distance. I ran with a backpack as I didn’t know anything about hydration vests or small running packs, I’d only signed up for and discovered the race one month prior so I’d done no real specific training and I ran the race in one pair of cross training shoes. But somehow with a great amount of pain I finished, my time wasn’t bad either around 12 and a half hours, however I was destroyed. My mum had to walk me to the car and then even into the shower that night, it took me 10 minutes to get unchanged, it felt like my hamstrings would tear if I reached down further than me knee. Even though I was extremely tired I could hardly sleep that night as my legs twitched and ached all night whilst my brain wouldn’t settle. It was horrible and I vowed I’d never run an ultramarathon ever again. However two weeks later I signed up for a 50km which led to me running 8 ultramarathons over the following 6 months. This included an 100 miler with over 11,000m of accumulative accent and a 50km where I finished with a time under 4 hours. Ultramarathons showed me and continues to show me how much more capable we are, soon as you think you’ve reached your limits your forced to dig deeper and find new found energy. Follow me as I attempt to qualify and finish some of the hardest and most renowned ultramarathons across the globe, races such as; Badwater 135, H.U.R.T 100, The Barkley Marathons, Marathon des Sables, Jungle Ultra, the Spartathlon, UTMB and many, many more. I want to finish them all.