“Triathlons require an aptitude in not only 1 discipline but 3. The combination of swimming, cycling and running in one race is an endurance athletes ultimate challenge. even the “sprint” distance is an ENDURANCE race”

2018/2019 SEASON

2021 Season


Like most things I do my triathlon journey started pretty abruptly, one day I woke up and decided I wanted to finish a triathlon. I searched online and discovered their was a race taking place in 4 weeks around my local area. Without much thought I signed up. I had no idea about different distances, I’d never ridden a road bike before but I’d always been a swimmer and had taken up running throughout my teens so thought I’d be alright. I bought a cheap/beginner (still expensive) road bike and started riding whilst upping my running and swimming training. Before I knew it 4 weeks past and it was time to race. There was two races throughout the day, the sprint distance 800m swim/20km ride/5km run and an enticer distance 400m swim/10km ride/2.5km run. I entered both and somehow came top 5 in both races. I came out of the water top 3, lost more than 10 places during the ride and caught up during the run in both races, I hated the ride. However I was hooked and entered another 8 sprint and olympic distance triathlons throughout the 18/19 summer season. Once the season finished I wanted to start training over winter to complete in the IRONMAN distance (3.8km swim/180km ride/42km run), however due to my financial situation that occurred from spending all my money climbing mountains for my seven summit project I had to sell my bike. Since then I haven’t competed in another triathlon however took up ultramarathons and started to swim in long distance open water swims. I plan to return to triathlons sooner rather than later to add the IRONMAN distance to my endurance athlete resume.