Training & Nutrition


This is where you build not only your body but your mind. Training to run an ultramarathon or to climb a mountain is and should be hard-work, otherwise everyone would do it. You need to teach your body and your mind how to endure, they are endurance activities after all. Building a strong foundation is key and this takes time and requires patience and discipline. Discipline to ensure you don’t make excuses and skip training sessions and patience because you can’t build a V8 engine overnight. Good quality and consistent training not only builds a V8 engine that allows you to take on challenges like ultramarathons and climbing mountains but it also builds the mental strength, discipline and determination required to be successful with the above challenges. A good combination of endurance activities such as running, swimming or hiking, strength building activities such as weight lifting, short intervals or calisthenics and stretching activities such as yoga, static stretching or pilates is key to creating a body that can conquer any challenge thrown its way.

If your interested in how I train you can check out my training routine on this page and/or follow me on instagram @tomdade11. For specific details on how to train for ultramarathons and climbing mountains or for workout examples you can also check that out on this page down below.


If you want to improve, consistently train hard and create an unbreakable body you’ve got to fuel the engine properly. Cut out the crap and stick to the whole foods, if it comes from the ground, the ocean or an animal it’s good to eat. Beef come from an animal so it’s good, spinach comes from the ground so it’s good, milk comes from a cow so it’s good, salmon comes from the ocean so it’s good, olive oil comes from olives so its good. What goes into making candy? Who knows so it’s bad, What goes into making a potato chip? Who knows so it’s bad. There are exceptions to this rule however 90% of the time you should be thinking like this. Theres no secret to good nutrition just be disciplined and keep it simple.

If your interested in how I eat you can check out my specific nutrition recommendations on this page and/or follow me @tomdade11.