“I don’t just want to push BOUNDARIES on land. Being a diverse endurance athlete I don’t just want to run 100 miles or reach the summit of a mountain. On the back of that I want to be able swim marathon and/or a ultramarathon distance swims”




2022 Season

My swimming Journey

Swimming was my first individual sport. As a kid and during my young teens I was a chubby kid and hated running however loved sports. This in conjunction with my parents introducing me to swimming from a very young age led me to competitive swimming and lifesaving. I was never the fastest or most competitive but with the support of my parents I worked my ass off and learnt the lessons of hard-work and discipline. I had a few minor successes coming top five numerous times and placing third once in my state for lifesaving swims, and managed to make it to the state semi-finals in the pool for butterfly. However I was never close to being with the fastest guys. Eventually after more than 10 years at around the age of 14 I quit swimming and lifesaving and transferred my hard-work and disciple to cross country running and eventually boxing. However after a little over 5 years I quit those too but returned to swimming whilst also taking up triathlons. From here I started to learn how much more capable I was and how much further I could swim and even run. I started focusing on marathon and ultramarathon distance swims and runs, this led me to where I am now.