“Don’t Be motivated, remove limits & be obsessed”

Motivational Think-piece #5

RE-TRAIN YOUR BRAIN & REALISE YOUR POTENTIAL It’s sad 99% of us will never get the opportunity to consider what their potential is. We hope and wish as we watch the 1% realise their dreams but never stop and think we can be part of that. We forget that these people aren’t gods, they’re people… Read more “Motivational Think-piece #5”

Motivational Think-piece #6

THE CORONAVIRUS – TURN NEGATIVES INTO POSITIVES, WORK ON YOURSELF With the coronavirus rapidly spreading where seeing our lives being drastically impacted in a short period of time. Jobs are being lost, shops are being closed, gatherings are being outlawed and our fast paced “important” lives are being slowed down. We’re being forced to stay… Read more “Motivational Think-piece #6”

Motivational Think-piece #4

EMBRACE FAILURE One of the most empowering feelings is losing that fear of failure. Once that’s gone it feels like anything is possible, you feel free to dream whilst your awake. I believe most of us has this fear of failure however we don’t realise it because it’s disguised as negative feelings and emotions. Creating… Read more “Motivational Think-piece #4”