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Post Successful Aconcagua Summit

3 summits in 3 continents in less than a year, if you told me that a year ago I would’ve laughed at your face. Africa, Europe and now South America, how many 21 year olds can say they’ve had the opportunity to stand on top of the highest mountain in 3 continents within one year! […]

Alpine Challenge – 100mi 2021 Report

Location: Falls Creek, Victoria, Australia Time: 26:53:01 Date: 17-18/04/21 Overall Place: Equal 8/38 Full Results Considered one of Australia’s hardest 100 milers and a qualifier for the infamous Hardrock 100, The Alpine Challenge created by Running Wild’s race director Paul Ashton has runners accumulating over 7000m/22,965ft of elevation over the 100 miles. The course takes […]

MVP Backyard Ultra – Last Man Standing 2021 Report

Location: Brimbank Park, Victoria, Australia Distance/Time: 201.18km/30 hours Date: 5-7/02/21 Overall Place: 4/56 Full Results Well, that was something different. When I first heard about the concept of a backyard ultra I told myself it was stupid and I’d never do it. I told myself the concept of running 6.7km (4.1mi) every hour on the […]

Two Bays Trail Run – 56km 2021 Report

Location: Cape Schanck, Victoria, Australia Time: 04:37:22 Date: 17/01/21 Overall Place: 4/269 Full Results First ultramarathon for 2021! And what a great one it was. Rohan, Kate and crew has once again pulled off another spectacular Two Bays, even amongst the COVID-19 craziness. The Two Bays Trail Run community spirit was alive and well, from […]

Post Successful Mount Kosciuszko Summit

Four summits in one year and one month, pretty damn lucky I know. Mount Elbrus Russia, Europe’s highest peak in June 2019, Mount Kilimanjaro Tanzania, Africa’s highest peak in July 2019, Aconcagua Argentina, South America’s highest peak in February 2020 and now Mount Kosciuszko Australia, Australia’s highest peak in July 2020. Getting to the top […]

Wilsons Prom 100 – 100km 2020 Report

Location: Wilsons Promotory, Victoria, Australia Time: 11:00:30 Date: 12/12/20 Overall Place: 1/22 (13 Finishers) Full Results Last but not least, the Wilsons Prom 100 marked the end of a 3 week back to back ultramarathon training block/challenge. On November the 28th 2020 I completed Summit Shoalhven, a 55km ultramarathon in Kangaroo Valley, New South Wales, […]

Oscars 100 Hut 2 Hut – 100km* 2021 Report

*DUE TO A SNAP COVID-19 LOCKDOWN THE 100KM COURSE WAS CHANGED TO A MULTI-DAY 53KM COURSE – IT BECAME THE ARCHIES 53KM COURSE IN REVERSE ON THE 19TH THEN THE TRADITIONAL ARCHES COURSE DIRECTION ON THE 20TH* Location: Mount Buller, Victoria, Australia Time: 12:45:47 (Combined Days) Date: 19-20/02/21 Overall Place: 1/147 Full Results Before I […]

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