About Me


As a teenager I struggled with mental illness like so many, suffering from anorexia nervosa, depression and anxiety. At 14 it all amalgamated when I was hospitalised and bed rested for 4 weeks, anorexia and depression had literally made me a shell of myself. I had a dangerously low resting heart rate of 28 beats per minute, my hormones where no longer working properly, my joints and muscles where in constant pain, I was contemplating and came close to attempted suicide & I was 10+ kg underweight. These 4 bed restricted weeks where perhaps the worst and best 4 weeks of my life. Here I was given the opportunity to look within myself and ponder what I had become and what I wanted to be, where I wanted I to go. I was not happy as I was, I was forcing myself to run with overused hips and knees, I wanted to kill myself if I ate too much pasta, I only felt good by exercising and restricting my meals, this was not how life should be, it’s not how I wanted it to be, so once I got out of the hospital I made a promise to myself that things were going to change. I got out of hospital and made a speedy recovery, kept my promise to myself and said goodbye to anorexia nervosa. 6 months later I no longer had to see the psychologist however I was still plagued with anxiety and bouts of depression, I didn’t know why, theoretically life should’ve been good. I was at a good school, I was fit and healthy again, I had friends and my family life was great. I felt guilty for feeling depressed because so many more people where worse off than me. This on and off battle with myself plagued me until my early 20s, I used physical training as my outlet, my happy place, over the 6 years I participated in boxing, bodybuilding and lastly triathlons, getting happiness from pushing myself and training. This along with the constant love of my family and close friends kept me going. It wasn’t until April 2019 when I finally said goodbye to anxiety and depression, fully, when I discovered a new passion in trekking the Kokoda Track. The combination of the beauty of the environment, the simplicity of living in the moment, the amazing culture and realising I was so much more capable than I thought. It changed me, I had never felt so connected with life and in my element. It inspired to take on new outdoor adventures and challenges. I discovered mountaineering and the seven summits and ultramarathons. I’d always been interested in Mount Everest (one of the seven summits) and running,  but never thought of climbing Mount Everest and running more than 40km would be possible for me but after Kokoda nothing was off limits. So I begun my new journey, following my new passions, chasing the seven summits and running ultramarathons. Now I hope I can inspire others who may be struggling with mental health issues. I’m living proof we can all get over our mental health issues and that we can surpass the limits we put upon ourselves.