Weekly Training – 31/01/22-06/02/22

Weekly Training Update


FOCUS: Increase speed & Strength (Race week: 2xu Triathlon series: Sandringham)

MONDAY– Strength: Back
– 12km – Run (3x3km Intervals)
TUESDAY– 3km – Swim (Pool Intervals)– Strength: Chest16,893
WEDNESDAY– Strength: Legs
– 10km – Run (Recovery)
THURSDAY– 14km – Run (Hills)
-Strength: Back (Bonus)
– Strength & Conditioning (Bonus)24,436
FRIDAY– Strength: Shoulders & Triceps– 24km – Run (Long Tempo)32,120
SATURDAY– 32km – Ride (Steady)
– 10km – Run (Recovery)
SUNDAY– 2XU Triathlon Series: Sandringham (Olympic Distance)– Strength: Arms20,380

2022 GOAL(S)

  • Finish a 200 miler (Unreasonable East)
  • Finish Ultraman Australia
  • Strength:
    • Bench Press: 100kg
    • Deadlift: 150kg
    • Back Squat: 110kg

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