Weekly Training: 28/06/21 – 04/07/21

Weekly Training Update

28/06/21 – 04/07/21

FOCUS: Race Week (Princess park Urban Trail Run) + Increase Strength

MONDAY– Strength: Push #1– 1.5km – Swim (Open Water, No Wetsuit)16,794
TUESDAY– Strength: Legs #1– 3km – Swim (Pool, Intervals)16,959
WEDNESDAY– Strength: Pull #1– 10km – Run @ 70%15,696
THURSDAY– Strength: Push #2– 10km – Run @ 70%22,902
FRIDAY– Strength: Pull #2
– 25km – Bike (Intervals)
SATURDAY– 2.5km – Swim (Pool)– Strength: Push #311,755
SUNDAY– Princess Park Urban Trail Run (12 hour)– Princess Park Urban Trail Run (12 hour)115,898
Finish Delirious W.E.S.T (200 miler)– 100km Training Week (Predominately undulating to flat road and trail running) whilst staying injury free
Qualify for Rottnest Channel Swim 2022
(Sub 4 hour 15 min 10km open
water swim without a wetsuit)
– Total Swim Volume (5km+)
– 1-2x 1-2km Open Water Swims without wetsuit
Bench Press 100kg
Deadlift 150kg
Back Squat 110kg
– 3-5 Specific Gym Sessions per week

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