Weekly Training: 17-23/05/21

Weekly Training Update

17/05/21 – 23/05/21

FOCUS: Recovery & Maintainence

MONDAY– 1.2km – Open Water Swim (Recovery)14,240
TUESDAY– Strength: Upper Body (Recovery)15,129
WEDNESDAY– Calisthenics: Full Body (Recovery)12,741
THURSDAY– Strength: Push (Recovery)
– 25km – Stationary Bike (Recovery)
FRIDAY– Strength: Pull (Recovery)– 25km – Stationary Bike (Recovery)10,027
SATURDAY– 20km – Run @ 60% (Recovery)20,679
SUNDAY– 10km – Run @ 70% (Recovery)– Strength: Pull #223,257
Finish Irrational S.O.U.T.H (200 miler)– Recovery from Down Under 135
Qualify for Rottnest Channel Swim 2022
(Sub 4 hour 15 min 10km open
water swim without a wetsuit)
– 1-2 swims (Pool or Ocean)
Bench Press 100kg
Deadlift 150kg
Back Squat 110kg
– 4-5 Specific Gym Sessions per week

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