Message Of The Day: Happiness Is Earned Not Given

“Earn Your Happiness”

Too many of us feel we deserve to be happy, we feel we’re born and then should just be able to go through life without having to invest in ourselves and our happiness. Just like training our bodies for running a marathon or lifting weights to get stronger we need to train our mindset by spending time working on ourselves, mentally and emotionally. Really ask ourselves the big questions; What we want in life? What are our strengths? Our weaknesses? Our triggers? Why do we think a certain way? Why is the way we perceive things the way we perceive things? Can we change our perceptions in life? Do we want too? Spending time by ourselves asking these questions will help us get closer to discovering who we are, which helps us accept ourselves and be more comfortable with who we are. Once we’re comfortable with who we are we’ll stop trying to be something we’re not and stop making decisions out of fear and ego. Decisions which lead to us being unhappy. We will start making decisions based on what we actually want, which will lead us to having greater happiness. Being able to talk about your weaknesses without being embarrassed by them is empowering and can only be done once we start discover ourselves and then accept ourselves. To do all this we need to consciously work on ourselves, stop living unconsciously being sheep and instead start thinking for ourselves, making decisions based on our happiness. Over time if we continue to do this we will earn our happiness, this doesn’t mean we’ll be happy all the time because discovering that anger, sadness and all the other emotions are required to TRULY be happy. So my point? Start consciously thinking, ask yourself what happiness actually is to you? How can you be better? Then you can start earning your happiness.

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