Goals & Finding My Stride

Blog Update #12

Summit of Aconcagua with a great mate

Up down up down life’s a f**ken rollercoaster, currently I’m on an up. I feel I’ve evolved after the high that was summiting Aconcagua and then going through the depressing low that dragged on afterwards. I think it’s all part of the process of improving as a human and evolving, it’s taken until now, 4 months after the summit of Aconcagua that I feel I’m starting to see the positive effects it had on my life (besides new friends, I knew this straight away), well thats what I choose to believe anyway. I’ve been able to work harder and longer with less anxiety and stress, my confidence in myself and what I can handle has gone up and as a result I’ve been able to make use of the opportunities thrown my way. This has led to more money which in turn has led to more opportunities. Things that once seemed impossible only six months ago now seem possible. For example I’m on my fourth marathon in four weeks, running a marathon weekly seemed crazy six months ago but here I am, feeling fit and healthy whilst running a marathon every weekend. Sometimes I have to remind myself on what I’m accomplishing and to do the hardest thing possible, give myself some credit and live in the moment. I’ve been working 60-80 hour weeks of hard labour and pamphlet delivering whilst training daily and running a marathon on the weekend. As a result I’m in the best shape of my life whilst also saving the most money in the shortest time frame than ever before. Don’t get me wrong it’s been hard at times, going to bed at 11pm and and then getting up at 4am, 4 nights in a row, but it’s all self inflicted and is going to help me realise my dreams. Just last weekend after running my fourth consecutive marathon I came home extremely fatigued, I started shivering like I had a temperature and all I wanted to do was lie there, drinking was too much effort, talking was too much effort, it was crazy! I’ve never felt this kind of fatigue before, its not like the fatigue after a 100 miler, or depression or after summiting a mountain it was a whole different beast. For the first time in years I slept in the following morning, usually my body clock will wake me up at 5am at the latest, even if I’m super tired. That morning I woke up at 6am ate breakfast, went back to bed and slept for another 2 hours, it was crazy. I believe it was an accumulation of overworking and putting up with the anxieties of being overworked and making deadlines. I still worked and trained that day but being a Sunday I was able to take it easy and let my mind and body somewhat relax. This bout of extreme fatigue helped me realise how hard I’ve been working and in some crazy way gave me some confidence. Since summiting Aconcagua I’ve run 3 ultramarathons and 4 marathons, I’ve saved enough to book in a mountaineering course and a winter Mount Kosciuszko ascent with Climbing the Seven Summits (the same AMAZING company I climbed Aconcagua with) which if successful will give me 4 of the 7 summits, I’ve booked 5 ultramarathons; The Berry Long Run (70km), Wonderland Run (60km), Surf Coast Century (100km), Great Ocean Walk 100s (100km) and Alpine Challenge (100 miler) which if all can go ahead (COVID-19 uncertainty) and if I can finish them would make 2020 another amazing year, just like 2019.

Whilst in a positive mindset I’ve been setting myself goals for the next 5 years of my life; what goals I really want to prioritise. What things I feel I have to achieve to before I die. The ones that stuck out to me is Number 1, Mount Everest and the seven summits, the mountains are my true passion and to further add to this goal becoming a guide or assistant guide would be a dream come true. I’d be an assistant guide for no pay (for real)! Number 2, Hardrock 100, getting to America to compete in one of the hardest ultramarathons in the world would be an honour. It’s also around the same time as the Mount Rainer climbing season, so tagging Mount Rainer as an add-on whilst over there would be amazing! Number 3, Finish and IRONMAN, I have to finish a long course IRONMAN, as an endurance athlete I have no choice. Something I learnt is my goal list is very, very long theres so many mountains I want to climb and ultramarathons I want to compete in. Climbing Ama Dablam, climbing other 8000er in the Himalayas and Karakorum (besides Mount Everest), Mount Cook and other mountains in New Zealand, the 7 volcanic summits, the mountain list goes on. Then theres all the other ultramarathons I want to compete in such as Badwater 135, UTMB, Western States 100, Leadville 100 just to name a few. And then I also want to swim the English Channel, compete in an ultra-man triathlon, run from the bottom of Australia to the top, theres so much! But I need to focus on completing my top 3 goals first. One step at a time.

PS. Proof-reading what I’ve written here is crazy, to have the confidence to truly believe I can accomplish these crazy dreams shows me how much I’ve grown as an individual. Just completing one of these goals is an achievement I should be proud of. With that being said I realise I’ve still got so much more growth to go, and the experiences I obtain by taking part in the journey to reaching these goals is going to help me become a better person and I look forward to that. So the message here is acknowledge how far you’ve come and be proud of what you’ve accomplished but also acknowledge you’ve still got much to learn and much more to accomplish.

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