Message of the Day: Remove Your Perceived Limits

“Dream Are Only Dreams if You Don’t Wake Up, So Wake Up”

Post My First 100km
The day I realised I was Limiting Myself

Have you ever taken the time to wonder why you think something is impossible? Why certain goals seem unrealistic? A marathon for example, most people put running a marathon on their bucket list, it’s something they think takes years of training to complete. However what if I told you the reason you think this is because society and the way you live has skewed your reality. Making your mind think that a marathon is some great deal, off limits to you when in reality your body is very capable, a runner by the name of Ricardo Abad has run 607 marathons in 607 days! Over time, from generation to generation we’ve gotten smarter but lazier, replacing hard-work for efficiency and comfort. As a result our views on what is physically possible or what the “normal”is has been skewed. For example these days a goal for many is to reach 10,000 steps however back in the day we had no choice, 10,000 steps was just part of everyday life, not a fitness goal. We’ve made life easier for ourselves which is what we should be aiming to do but at the same time we’ve forgotten what were capable of, and that our bodies are amazing and are capable of great feats. We need to start questioning our thoughts, start asking yourself why not? Why can’t I do that? Often we never ask ourselves these questions because running something like 100km seems crazy, so we write it off as crazy and impossible. Then we zone out, stop thinking about it and don’t even give our minds a chance to rationalise that in fact it’s very achievable. Our perceived reality writes it off, we need to stop doing this. “All of us dream at night but the dangerous dream during the day”, change your dreams into reality, there not dreams there possible realities.

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