AJ Hackett – Cairns

Located 20 minutes north of Cairns on the outskirts of Smithfield Regional Parks vibrant tropical rainforest, the AJ Hackett Bungee Jump is the only bungee jump in Australia. Whilst at the top of the 50 m/164 bungee jump tower you can see out to Cairn’s beautiful Northern beaches and even the Great Barrier Reef. The location of the jump is pretty remarkable, after taking in the remarkable views of the tropical rainforest and northern beaches of Cairns you get to jump off and take a quick dip in the creek like body of water amongst the rainforest.

The AJ Hackett – Cairns bungee jump was my first real “thrill seeking” activity I’d ever done, I was 15 and was just released from hospital after recovering from anorexia. Coming out of hospital I felt like I was given a second chance at life so wanted to experience and try as much things as possible. The idea of bungee jumping scared me like it would most people but as I said I felt like I was given a second chance, so any opportunity to try something like a bungee jump was something I wasn’t going to throw away. Walking up the stairs to the top of the bungee tower I was pretty anxious, looking down the ground only got further and further away. I never had any doubts though, even though my instincts wanted me to go down my brain knew I was safe and it’d be alright. Once at the top my feet where tied together, safety instructions where given and all safety ropes where set up. The hardest part was the few steps I had to take to move forward to the edge of the plank so I could jump off. Being that high with my legs tied together and trying to walk forward scared the s**t out of me. I got to the edge though, looked down, bypassed the instincts of don’t jump and jumped off. The experience was a thrilling, falling fast towards the creek I made a quick dip before being pulled back upwards. Up, down, up, down, its like an elastic band until finally you stop and get lowered towards the little canoe that’s floating in the creek. You couldn’t wipe the smile of my face and first thought was, I wanna do that again.

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