Motivational Think-piece #6


With the coronavirus rapidly spreading where seeing our lives being drastically impacted in a short period of time. Jobs are being lost, shops are being closed, gatherings are being outlawed and our fast paced “important” lives are being slowed down. We’re being forced to stay home, slow down and do a whole lot of nothing. Our first and understandably natural reaction is to stress and worry, I mean we’ve got to put food on the table for our families and not being able to get together with loved ones and good friends does suck. However I ask we all take this time to invest in ourselves, this could be blessing in disguise. Many of us complain and say we never have time do this or to do that, well now that’s not an excuse. Sure we have restrictions on what we can do but if your goal was to exercise more, you can do that at home. If your’ve ever had thoughts of writing, playing an instrument, working on a piece of art, cleaning up the garage, or something else, you now have the time to do it. We’ve also got more time to relax and think about what things we might want to strive for once this is all over. Set yourself some goals for the next year, think of the end of this as being the start of a new year, we can start fresh. We’re always caught up with our own busy lives and I think this time of self isolation is a good time to take a breather and just think about what we’re doing and if we’re actually happy. Being isolated at home with our family also offers us some quality family time. When’s the last time you’ve had a whole week straight were you get to hang out with the family?

All in all I’m not trying to downplay how serious the coronavirus is and how badly it’s affecting some individuals and families but we shouldn’t waste this time feeling sorry for ourselves. Use this time to work on ourselves, create new goals and spend some time with our families. So when we come back we’ll be better people than we were before all this happened, we can get excited for our new goals and start the comeback. Hang in there and be positive.

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