Message Of The Day: Stop Talking & Start Doing

To many people spend too much time talking about doing something rather than actually doing it. We all have hopes and dreams and for the brief period when we either want to show off or feel motivated or hopeful we talk about doing it. We tell people “I’m going to start to eat healthy”or “I’m going to start going to gym”or “I’m going to work up to run a half marathon” or “I’m gonna start saving to do this or buy that”. I hear s**t like this all the time and a common thread I’ve discovered is for most people it’s just verbal noise. Most people never make it come to fruition, it never happens. It’s easy to talk about something talking requires no work, but when push comes to shove most people won’t back up their words with actions because working towards something requires discipline, hard-work and guts. We have to leave our comfortable lives behind for a short period of time and this won’t do. Then we make excuses for ourselves, “I have no time”, “I’m not built for that, I’ve got bad knees”, “I’ll do it next week”, “I’m already doing this so don’t need to do that”, “I’ve got no money”, I know because I used to use them. So next time you catch yourself saying you’re going to do something do one of two things, shut up or stop talking and start doing. Your gonna start eating healthy? Stop talking and put down the burger, Your gonna run a half marathon? Pick up your phone and sign up for one, Your gonna save money to go somewhere or buy something? Adjust your plans for the weekend or put down that unnecessary piece of junk you’re about to buy. It’s time to stop talking and start doing, take action, don’t wait until tomorrow, start now, start today.

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