Think Beyond Your Reality & Improve Yourself

So many of us today live day by day, unhappy, staying inside our little comfort bubbles. We become like mindless zombies, get up go through our morning routines, go to work, come home, go through our afternoon routines and then bed, rinse and repeat x5, plus 2 days of the weekend. We’re just going through the motions, not putting much thought in what we’re doing, we just do it because “we have to” to get by. Then we wonder why we’re unhappy, think hard, why does it have to be this way? Societies ingrained into our heads that this is what we do, it’s the “normal”, the only path for our lives, but why is this our only option? We’re supposed to be free but in reality we’re not, we’re trapped in our own minds because we follow without thought what society expects of us. We’re not thinking for ourselves and not asking ourselves why we do things and what we truly desire in life? Is the meaning of life to work a job we don’t like doing to get by and then raise kids to do the same? It’s what many of us do, not many of us ask ourselves what we really desire in life because the expectation is all we do is work, have kids and then hopefully retire.

What makes things even worse is since we’re already putting in hours of work of which we hate, we start to try to balance it out by clinging to the things that make us temporarily happy and comfortable. Watching T.V, playing games, napping, eating take-away food, these are all comforts we start indulging in because we want to feel happy. We feel we deserve it because we’ve been working a job we hate doing all day. Now these comforts are great in moderation but none are good for us in large doses and they definitely don’t benefit us long-term. In conjunction with this we start avoiding things that take us out of our comfort zones which actually lead to personal growth because we’re already unhappy and/or out of our comfort zone at work. Going to gym, studying, working on a business idea, these are all tasks we start avoiding because they take us out of our comfort zones. We can’t be bothered, we’re too tired or don’t have the time, these are the excuses we make so we can stay in our little comfort zones.

Why am I writing this? Because I want us all to look beyond our current realities and start asking ourselves the why’s, start asking what we really desire in life. I want people to realise that the things they think they can’t do are only not possible because THEY say so. Our beliefs and thoughts have been moulded over our lifetime by society, we’re not thinking for ourselves and as a result our realties and limits are being set for us. These false limits are preventing us from self improvement and personal growth, we’re underestimating our capabilities because of our warped reality which has been set for us by society. Stop letting society put limits in your head, start asking questions and break free of the restricting monotony that society is forcing upon you.

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