With 2019 nearly underway it’s time to look forward to 2020. 2019 was a year of spontaneous decisions for better and for worse. It led to many amazing experiences but also many stressful situations, rushing to get prepared for numerous different trips and races. In 2020 I want to rectify this, I want to better plan what I hope to achieve in order to preserve my sanity but also my body. 2019 also taught me to consider recovery and back to back ultramarathons within the same week may not be the best of ideas. So here it my hopes and wishes (my plan) for 2020, due to money and work I’d imagine I won’t be able to do all this but that’s why its called my hopes and wishes.


  • January: Two Bays Trail Run (56km) – 12/01/20 (CONFIRMED)
    • Victoria, Australia
  • February: Seven Summit Project: Aconcagua – 01/02/20 to 20/02/20 (CONFIRMED)
    • Mendoza, Argentina (International)
  • March: Northburn 100 (161km) – 20/03/20 to 22/03/20
    • Northburn, New Zealand (International)
  • April: Roller Coaster Run (42km) – 18/04/20
    • Victoria, Australia
  • May: Margaret River Ultramarathon (80km) – 09/05/20
    • Margaret River, Western Australia (Interstate)
  • Jun: Tower Trail Run (56km) – 21/06/20
    • Mount Gambier, South Australia (Interstate)
  • Jul: REST
  • Aug: Wonderland Grampians Run (60km) – 22/08/20
    • Victoria, Australia
  • Sep: The Great North Walk 100 (160km) – 12/09/20 to 13/09/20
    • Brooklyn, New South Wales (Interstate)
  • Oct: The Great Ocean Walk 100s (100km) – 24/10/20
    • Victoria, Australia
  • Nov: Alpine Challenge (160km) – 23/11/20 to 25/11/20
    • Victoria, Australia
  • Dec: ?


  • Seven Summit Expeditions: 1
  • Marathons: 1
  • 50km Ultramarathons: 3
  • 50 Mile (80km) Ultramarathons: 1
  • 100km Ultramarathons: 1
  • 100 Mile (160km) Ultramarathons: 3

This is what I would like to do, hopefully with a couple of smaller fun runs, swims and other endurance events and/or expeditions thrown in there. However I understand many factors can come into play preventing me from achieving this plan and I have contingencies. At the moment this is more the dream year. The main two issues I expect to face are: 1) Money, 2) Time away from work & 3) Bodies limitations. Unless serious injury however I’m happy to confirm that January and Februaries activities are locked in and ready to go.

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