Motivational Think-piece #4


One of the most empowering feelings is losing that fear of failure. Once that’s gone it feels like anything is possible, you feel free to dream whilst your awake. I believe most of us has this fear of failure however we don’t realise it because it’s disguised as negative feelings and emotions. Creating a barrier that restricts us from achieving great things. For a long time certain goals and achievements seemed out of my reach, I couldn’t tell you why but in my eyes they just weren’t possible for someone like myself. The idea of climbing Mount Everest seemed as far fetched and as crazy as walking to the moon, running 100 miles was something someone who was part of the physical elite would do and swimming across the English Channel was just ridiculous. However I had an interest in all of these things but there was something in my head that was restricting me from realistically looking at these feats. That restriction disguised itself as fear, escuses, common sense, self-doubt, amongst many other feelings however in truth it was fear of failure, I just didn’t realise it at the time. Now sure I may not get the chance to swim the English Channel or climb Mount Everest, sure I might fail attempting these feats. However the important part is I believe it’s possible and with that brings hope, joy and excitement all positive feelings. I can work towards these goals that brings me excitement and at the end of the day who really cares if I fail because with failure comes a learning experience and the chance of reaching these goals is always there which motivates me. This feeling of chasing you’re dreams and accepting that you may fail and embracing that brings motivation, motivation which can then be used for training, work and life. Removing this fear of failure gives you a new found sense of belief which brings about positivity and motivation. So my task for you is to think about a dream of yours, one that you’ve labeled as unrealistic and impossible. Now ask yourself why isn’t this possible, why are others capable of achieving this goal and not me? Why can’t I achieve this goal? Why can’t I even strive for this goal? Lots of excuses are going to come to your mind as you ask these question, I don’t have the money, I’m too old, others could achieve that because they didn’t have to work full time, this is your mind playing tricks on you. It’s that fear of failure thats trying to protect you from getting hurt. It’s making you negative, telling you not to even think about a goal because it’s scared you’ll fail. Giving in to these excuses is taking away motivation and joy that the goal could potentially give you. Ignore them and believe in the goal but accept that you may fail and you may hurt, but who cares because striving for the goal is giving you motivation and happiness and if you fail, you learn. So don’t be scared to strive for big things, embrace failure, accept it as a journey and as a learning experience. Be motivated.

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