Blog Update #2

September the 27th, 2019.

Six days post my first ultra marathon and I’m still feeling it. Sore feet, knees, hips and even traps not to mention the constant fatigue. On September the 21st I competed the 100km Surf Coast Century Ultra Marathon, as usual I signed up with short notice and underprepared and I think this time I paid for it. Running 100km non-stop on off-road trails and sand is something you should definitely specifically build up to. I ran the race in one pair of cross training shoes, a daypack for mountaineering and had never ran more than 25km and although I finished with a decent time of 12 and a half hours, coming 97th out of around 400 my naivety and lack of preparation resulted in damaged feet, an inability to walk for a couple days and joint and muscle soreness that still plagues me six days later. So in summary, give yourself some time to work up to these events and get yourself the right gear and equipment. Would I do it again? definitely.

Now with the ultra marathon in my rear view mirror I look to my next event/challenge my first half IRONMAN, in about 2 months I’m heading off the Greater Western Sydney to participate in the Greater Western Sydney IRONMAN 70.3, I haven’t been swimming or riding for about 2 months so I think its time to start doing so. I look forward to taking some stress off the knees and add some more variety in my training again with swimming and riding.

Lastly Aconcagua is only 4 months away, how time flies. My third or fourth summit of my seven summit journey (depending on if I do Mount Kosciuszko before then). The trip is only about 4 months away now and I’m excited to be attempting the mountain with Climbing the Seven Summits, a company founded by the exceptional mountaineer Mike Hamill. This would make 3 or 4 of the seven summits in 9 months! Can’t lie I’ve got to pinch myself sometimes to see if I’m not dreaming.

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