Surf Coast Century – 100km 2019 Report

  • Location: Australian Surf Coast, Victoria, Australia
  • Time: 12:22:52
  • Overall Place: 97/432
  • Full Results

Where to start? First thing I can say is this was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Harder than Kokoda, Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Elbrus, no doubt about it. I’ve never had to dig so deep both emotionally and mentally. Honestly I’ve lost count of how many times I felt like crying during the event, solely from the emotional and mental strain. From the 20km mark I was in physical pain, my feet, ankles, hips and quads literally burnt with every step for the rest of the 80km. This could be largely due to the fact that the furthest I’ve ever run is 25km and I don’t train specifically for ultramarathons, not the smartest move on my part. The hardest part for me however was the 40km to 70km mark, after pushing yourself for 40km and still having 60km left finding the mental and emotional strength to keep calm and moving is difficult. It should also be known that the Surf Coast Century is not your typical road race, it’s a trail race. Whilst running on the beach we encountered waist deep water at times, slippery rocks and seaweed was also on the menu. By the end my feet, socks and shoes were soaked, this was just the first leg. After the beach leg I ran on some fire trails, some slippery terrain, some ankle deep puddles and through mud which were all “great”, not to mention the rocks and tree roots that make falling over the normal. It’s amazing how difficult stepping over a rock can be when your legs are that fatigued. Fun little note I fell over 4 times, no injuries though I know how to fall with style. Uphill and downhill where both just as bad, sore joints on the way down and sore muscles on the way up, a win, win situation? It wasn’t all pain though, the scenery was jaw dropping, running along the Surf Coast with high rise cliffs to your left and the surf to your right was amazing, then running along the top of the cliffs gave spectacular oceanfront views and lastly the bushland and fire trails provided awesome bushland scenery. I also want to mention the positive atmosphere you’re surrounded by in such an event. Everyone is supportive of each other and encouragement from your fellow “competitors” is the norm. The staff, volunteers and spectators are also outstanding, constantly congratulating, cheering and encouraging. Rapid Ascent the event planner that put the event together did a great job, everything ran smoothly, the track was easy to follow and all of the staff and volunteers did a great a job. If all of Rapid Ascents events are like this one I couldn’t recommend their events enough.

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