Motivation Think-piece #3


Procrastination, most of us do it and most of us don’t even notice. Have you ever scrolled down your instagram and/or Facebook page reading posts and looking at pictures for no real reason? Like your a lifeless zombie trying to find some new found excitement that’ll bring you back to life? I have, I’m sure most of us have however what most of us don’t realise is a lot of the time where doing it to procrastinate. Scrolling through that facebook or instagram feed is a lot easier and more comfortable than doing your homework, walking the dog, getting ready for work or going to gym. It’s a bad habit to get into, stripping you of your precious time and energy. For example if your procrastinating because your exhausted and are delaying your inevitable gym session. You end up starting later and as a result the session gets rushed and delayed, slowing down the rest of your days plans. If your delaying your departure for work you end up adding a whole lot of unneeded stress to yourself and become more likely to speed and get a potential fine in an attempt to not be late. If your delaying an important decision your only adding more stress and anxiety to yourself.

We procrastinate for many reasons, lack of confidence, anxiety and exhaustion just to name a few. However although procrastinating makes us feel more comfortable temporarily it can be the killer that reduces our day’s productivity. It can also extend our feelings of anxiety and fatigue and make them worse. So next time you find yourself scrolling down your Facebook and or Instagram page or are sitting down comfortably staring into space ask yourself am I procrastinating right now? Do I have things that need doing? If the answers yes, stop procrastinating and go do it!

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