Message Of The Day: Set Goals & Have a Purpose

For me one of the keys to a consistent positive mindset and overall happiness is always having big, ambitious goals. Setting goals you’re passionate about and working towards achieving them helps to give purpose and further motivation to get the day started. I’ve only just realised this but most of my unexplained anxiety disappeared when I set myself the goal of trekking the Kokoda Trail, after that Mount Elbrus and Kilimanjaro and the whole idea of the seven summits and now the 100km ultramarathon I have coming up.

When I don’t have a big goal in life to work towards I start to question myself, what I’m doing and my existence and this brings the anxiety back. So for this reason I’m a big believer that we all should set ourselves big, ambitious goals. Now I’m not saying you have to set yourself the goal of trekking the Kokoda Trail or some extreme event but what I’m trying to say is find that special interest of yours and set a big, ambitious goal revolved around it, one that get’s you excited. Once you’ve found this goal, go for it!

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