Die Trying: One Man’s Quest to Conquer the Seven Summits Review

Written By: Bo Parfet & Richard Buskin

Bo Parfet’s Die Trying is an eye opening and all inspiring recollection of Bo’s quest for the respected mountaineering challenge, the seven summits. From a troubled dyslexic to a Wall Street investment banker and eventually becoming a member of the seven summit club and a book writer, Bo’s story is told throughout the book in an easy to read and visual way. Allowing you as the reader or listener to paint a picture of Bo’s experiences throughout his life on beautiful mountains or at his old high schools. The book takes you across the world (literally) giving you and insight on what you can expect from climbing the seven summits on each continent. From being immersed in the local culture and environment of Tanzania to the logistical difficulties in Russia. Each mountain get’s it’s own chapter and with it a short, yet wholesome and descriptive re-telling of what Bo experienced.

Although dramatised Bo’s retelling of his experiences are exceptionally honest. Constantly self critiquing but drawing lessons learnt from his own mistakes on each mountain. This makes the book an insightful read not only for want to be mountaineers but also for those interested in bettering themselves, especially leaders or want to be leaders. You can really tell how Bo grew as a person, athlete and leader from his first major mountain (Mount Kilimanjaro) to his last (Mount Everest). Lessons such as patience, teamwork and understanding are constantly brought to the readers attention, as well as the importance of learning and embracing failure.

In conclusion Bo Parfet’s Die Trying: One Man’s Quest to Conquer the Seven Summits is an exceptional book, full of excitement but also with plenty of life lessons and intellectual thinking. Bo paints a visual image of each mountain and experience, immersing the reader/listener making you feel as if you were there. It also moves at a good pace, keeping each chapter to the point and concise. The book is also inspiring as Bo takes you on a journey throughout his life, starting out as a troubled dyslexic. The only criticism I have is how dramatised certain parts of the book are, sure it raises the stakes and adds excitements but it takes away some of the reality of each situation. Overall though I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the book and am actually on my third listen!

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