Message Of The Day: Embrace Being Uncomfortable

Something I’ve come to realise is that personal growth comes from being uncomfortable and as humans our instinct is to make life as easy and as comfortable as possible. It’s a complete contradiction, like we’re programmed to not improve. Think about it, how do we get fitter? We run and keep running until our chest feels like it’s about to burst. How do we get stronger? We squat until our legs start to shake. How do we get smarter? We study until our brains hurt. How do we make money? We work our ass’s off, again being uncomfortable. In order to grow we need to struggle, it sucks but it’s the truth. Generally the bigger the struggle, the richer the reward. So what’s my point? Stop settling for average and stop giving in to your comforts and start being uncomfortable and reap the rewards! Get out of that comfy chair and go for a run, put down the ice-cream and eat some chicken, stop hesitating and worrying about job interviews and apply for that job you’ve been looking at.

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