Granite Peak Trail Hike

14th of July 2019, today was an easy 3 hour round trip up to Trig Point Lookout via the Granite Peak Trail. Located in Lysterfield Park, Victoria, Australia. The weather was pretty miserable, it was cold, cloudy and we had frequent gusts of wind and showers. The track itself though was quite nice, nothing too difficult. You start at the carpark with a nice view of a dam, eventually the path diverges away from the dam and you start to make your way up on a steady incline towards Trig Point lookout. Throughout the entire hike you’re surrounded by tall gumtree’s and an awesome mountain bike track with plenty of kangaroos passing bye. The trail is clearly marked so there’s no way you’ll lose your way. The view itself whilst at Trig Point Lookout was nothing special but you do get to see a unique perspective of the old quarries.

All in all the hike was quite nice, it took me around 3 hours up and back with a 22kg backpack on. I should also mention the view from Trig Point Lookout would be much better on a day with good, clear weather.

2 responses to “Granite Peak Trail Hike”

  1. amazing read Tom. You have taken on alot of battles in your so far short life and believe this blog can help others find the strength if they too are in a dark place. Your proving with constant work and commitment there is an exit from it all and opens to a whole new world.


    1. Thanks Steve, wouldn’t be able to do it without good mates like you. Your a legend mate 😊


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